Dental Savings Plan

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Learn About Our Dental Savings Plan

Dental insurance. Depending on who you ask, those two words can sometimes lead to big headaches. If you or your family is without coverage that doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the family at Smile Science Chicago where we strive every day to provide affordable dentistry in Wicker Park courtesy of our comprehensive Smile Science Chicago Dental Savings Plan starting at $335 per year.

How Does the Dental Savings Plan Work?

At Smile Science Chicago, we go out of our way to include everyone. No one should be without high-quality, high-tech dentistry, especially if it’s due to the fact that you’re without dental insurance. The truth is — you don’t need it. Not when we provide you with this affordable alternative that’s designed exclusively for you. Enrollment is simple and you only pay a low, annual membership fee. Get with the plan and enjoy no:

  • Yearly maximums
  • Waiting periods
  • Confusing deductibles

Sign up and get started today to start saving right away!

What Does My Dental Savings Plan Cover?

We give you nothing but complete care — including an additional two emergency exams each year, big discounts of up to 30-70% off of most dental services. (Some exceptions apply. Please ask for more information.)

How Do I Sign Up?

The last thing you need is more stress, that’s why we made it easy to join our Dental Savings Plan. Ask us for an enrollment form and let our friendly team take care of the rest. (The Smile Science Chicago Dental Savings Plan is NOT dental insurance or a third-party discount plan. Medicaid is not accepted.)