Sedation Dentistry
in Wicker Park

Ease Your Fears and Anxiety

Sedation dentistry, also known as “Twilight Sleep,” is a technique used by Wicker Park Dentist Dr. Monica Urda to help patients relax during dental procedures. The process involves the use of medications that help to calm and soothe the patient, making them feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure. Sedation dentistry has numerous benefits that make it an ideal option for many patients who experience anxiety or fear when visiting the dentist.

Many people experience fear and anxiety when visiting the dentist, which can cause them to avoid dental care altogether. Sedation dentistry helps to alleviate these feelings of anxiety by inducing a state of deep relaxation, allowing the patient to feel comfortable and at ease throughout the procedure. This helps to create a more positive experience and makes it easier for patients to return to the dentist for future visits.

Sedation dentistry can also help to reduce the time required for dental procedures. When patients are anxious or uncomfortable, it can be difficult for dentists to perform procedures efficiently. This can be especially beneficial for patients who need complex or time-consuming procedures.

Sedation dentistry is also an excellent option for patients with a sensitive gag reflex. For some patients, the gag reflex can be triggered by dental instruments, making it difficult for dentists to perform certain procedures. Wicker Park sedation dentistry helps to relax the patient and reduce the sensitivity of the gag reflex, making it easier for dentists to work on the patient’s teeth.

If you experience anxiety or fear when visiting the dentist, talk to the team at Smile Science Chicago in Wicker Park about the benefits of sedation dentistry and how it can help to make your dental experience more comfortable and positive.