Cosmetic Dentistry

Wicker Park
Cosmetic Dentistry

Upgrade Your Smile Aesthetic

Feeling insecure about how your smile looks? Do you feel like you need to hide your teeth due to embarrassing imperfections? Are you ready to feel more confident? It’s time you talked to us about Wicker Park cosmetic dentistry and how services like Chicago Invisalign® can literally change your life. From the moment you start the conversation with us, we’re invested in helping you see and feel the many benefits of Wicker Park cosmetic dentistry. No matter what you’re looking for or need, everything we do for you and your smile is cosmetic, creating the ideal aesthetic that gets you noticed for all the right reasons.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cavities happen. When they do, we want you to turn to the Smile Science Chicago team for some real relief. Gone are the days when we used harmful metal or amalgam to fill teeth that have been deteriorating due to decay. Today, we use a more natural solution known as composite or tooth-colored fillings. No one will ever know your teeth are less than perfect.

You can’t have a conversation about Wicker Park cosmetic dentistry and not discuss the many advantages of porcelain veneers. Do you have teeth that are stained or shaped irregularly? That’s where veneers are most effective and appreciated. With porcelain veneers, you’ll feel more confident than ever to share your custom-designed smile with the world. Everyone will be wondering how you look so amazing.

Chicago dentists like Dr. Urda have an artistic eye and a passion for their craft that translates into the beautiful results we’re able to provide our patients — especially treatments like bonding. This procedure is simple, pain-free, and can erase damage and imperfections from smiles of all ages. We can closely match your bonding to blending seamlessly with your natural teeth for an exact shade and texture that looks nothing less than natural and balanced.

One of the easiest ways, most accessible ways to give your smile a boost using Wicker Park cosmetic dentistry is through whitening and bleaching. We can lighten the shade of your teeth using effective, proven methods of whitening and bleaching. Our patients love the results they see and rely on us to help their smiles look and feel their very best for any occasion — special or not.

Chicago Invisalign® is taking smiles by storm. More and more patients like you are turning to Invisalign® to fix teeth that are unevenly spaced, or a bite that’s just not right. Using innovative clear aligner therapy, Chicago Invisalign® guides your teeth towards perfection and improvement. We have the leading-edge technology and training to get you started on your Chicago Invisalign® journey.