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Everyday life takes its toll on our teeth. We eat carbohydrates and sugars that encourage bacteria growth. We drink acidic beverages that erode the enamel. And we play sports and engage in activities that could damage our precious smiles.  Smile Science Chicago wants to help keep every Wicker Park and Bucktown smile healthy and strong with general and preventive services for the whole family.

Whether you are a young couple just starting a new family and wondering about how to care for your new infant’s teeth, or you have reached retirement age and want to be sure you keep your own teeth strong and well functioning — we have all the general and preventive family care you need or want.

We believe in introducing your children to preventive dental care as early as possible so they can feel calm and at ease when exams and cleanings become necessary. Just bring your little one along to visits! We will make sure he or she is having a great time getting to know that the dental office is a fun place to come.

Once your kids start becoming active in life, we suggest that you protect their teeth, not only with regular cleanings, but also with sealants, fluoride, and mouthguards. Aren’t those little smiles worth it?

And to make smiling all the way through life possible, we recommend that adults stay just as diligent with their regular oral care as they do with their children’s. That means keeping up with dental exams, having x-rays taken when necessary, cleaning teeth well at home and having professional cleanings at least twice a year, and using fluoride and nightguards to protect your teeth.

All of this is important because — this is worth repeating — your oral health affects your whole body’s health. So when your mouth is healthy, you can smile from head to toe!

In other words, keeping up with your dental care is just as important as all of your other preventive medicine visits. Regular general and family dentistry keeps your heart safer, infections at bay, and inflammation from making you feel sick. It pays to have a healthy, Smile Sciences of Chicago grin!


//Comprehensive Exams

We take plenty of time, especially at your first visit, to get to know your mouth in painstaking detail. We talk to you about how you are feeling, if there have been any changes, and if you are worried about anything. Then we check your teeth and soft tissue, examining for signs of oral cancer, gum disease, and tooth decay or damage. We let you see what is happening with our amazing intra-oral cameras, and, if necessary, take a series of digital x-rays. Of course we discuss our findings and work with you to come up with a treatment plan if we discover any problems.


//Family Dentistry

Your family deserves the best — from the moment you introduce your tiniest family members to the friendly staff at Smile Sciences of Chicago, to the time your grandparents wave goodbye on their way to retirement in warmer climates. We offer everything your family needs from cleanings to sealants — at hours that make life so much more convenient.



Keeping your teeth super clean is one of the first steps toward maintaining terrific oral health. We want you to take good care of your teeth at home with consistent brushing and flossing, but we also suggest that all of our patients have at least two professional cleanings a year, and more if they are prone to decay or gum disease. We use both ultrasonic cleaning and magnetostrictive devices — big words for an awesome cleaning experience. Both techniques make cleanings faster, more effective, and so much more comfortable for you.


//Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer is one of the fastest growing cancers in America. That’s why we take it so very seriously at Smile Sciences of Chicago. We screen your soft tissue for tiny changes at every visit and include a more in-depth oral cancer screening with your comprehensive exams.


//Fluoride Treatments and Sealants

Protect those teeth! Fluoride treatments remineralize teeth, keeping them strong and preventing cavities before they start. We use varnish for the most effective, most pleasant, fluoride treatments. Sealants do what they name suggests – they seal teeth against bacteria and decay. Sealants work by smoothing the surface of the teeth, filling in deep grooves and fissures, and making it much harder for plaque bacteria to get a foothold. Both treatments are super important for children under 12, but we may recommend both for adults if they are prone to cavities or sensitivity.



Our x-rays are digital, allowing us to get a clear, sharp, and immediately shareable image of your teeth. Even better, they lower your exposure to radiation, are gentler on the environment, and stay accessible in our computer system for easy access. How often we need to take x-rays depends completely on your individual needs. If you or your child is prone to decay, if you clench or grind, or if you are experiencing bone loss, we may suggest more frequent x-rays.


//Sports Guard and Night Guards

If you thought fluoride and sealants were protective, wait until you see what our sports and nightguards can do!

Our custom made sports mouthguards keep active mouths, young and old, safe from blows, falls, and other damage. They can even lessen the severity of concussions. And because they are made to fit your individual mouth, they are much more comfortable and effective than over-the-counter, boil-and-bite guards.

Specially designed for the clenchers and grinders in your family, nightguards protect teeth from the forces within. All that clenching can crack and even break teeth, ruin restorations, and lead to headaches and upper body pain. Ask us about protective dental guards today!


//Oral Sedation

We never want you to feel nervous about coming to the dentist. That’s why we offer relaxing oral sedation for our anxious or uncomfortable patients. If you have dental phobias, have a strong gag reflex, can’t get comfortable in the chair, or need extensive or time-consuming procedures, talk to us about our sedation dentistry options. We are here to keep you comfortable!



When the unexpected happens, isn’t it nice to know you can count on your smile family for some hand-holding emergency care? We will fit you in the same day whenever possible. If your emergency happens after hours, please call us anyway! We are always on call and available to advise or care for you as needed.


How are your family’s smiles?

Healthy families go to the dentist together!

Call us today and see just how family-friendly dentistry can be.

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